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Mounted Bushfire Protection System

Bushfire Spray Systems

We specially design, manufacture and install mounted, inbuilt, roof mountain and ground based bushfire protection spray systems that have been proven in numerous real-life situations, saving countless Australian homes and structures.

All Cribb systems conform to Australian Standards 5414-2012, Bushfire Water Spray Systems and Australian Standards 4118.2.1, Fire Sprinkler System Piping


When we install this type of system we place the purposed designed pipe work on specially manufactured and insulated standoff brackets, fitted to the roof above and parallel to the gutters. It is designed to create a barrier of water between the fire front and the home by spreading the water over the home and immediate garden.

This method of protection generally uses metal and stainless steel fire sprinklers; however, Cribb Bushfire Fighting Nozzle Sprays can also be incorporated, thus making the system even more efficient.


Using the Cribb Bushfire Fighting Nozzle Sprays our company has developed a method of installing this type of fire system with the entire pipe work installed within the wall and roof spaces of the building.

We refer to this system as the Cribb Inbuilt Bushfire Nozzle System and have successfully installed many in this manner. The system wets the building in the same manner as the Fascia Mounted System

Once the installation is complete, the system will be unseen except for the Cribb Bushfire Fighting Nozzle Sprays


The installation of the Fascia Mounted System can be by the use of two separate methods of distributing water or a combination of both.

We refer to first method, which is the most effective, as the Cribb Fascia Mounted Bushfire Nozzle System. This protects the building by wetting the walls, windows, doors, under eaves, and roof areas by jetting high pressured suppressant from the specially developed Cribb Bushfire Fighting Nozzle Sprays. This type of system is very effective during a bushfire as the high winds created assist the nozzles. On an established home, we mount the pipe work on the exterior of the building, along the fascias and just under the gutters. This method is very neat and unobtrusive.  We install the system internally, as explained later, on homes under construction.

Whilst installing the pipe work in the same manner as the above, the second method is to use the Cribb Bushfire Nozzle Sprays combined with our purpose manufactured Stainless Steel Butterfly sprinklers.


The method of installation consists of installing an under ground water supply to metal sprinklers on metal risers.  Their positioning is such to create a constant band of water around the home as well as wet the walls and windows where possible. We often install extra taps to accommodate extra hoses.

When requested this system can be modified and used for irrigating, therefore giving you greater flexibility and further value for your dollar.


  • Proven, tested and have saved lives and homes

  • Development of the Cribb Bushfire Fighting Nozzle Sprays was possibly the first in the world

  • Purpose designed and developed in South Australia by Cribb Engineering Pty. Ltd. during 1983. with the aim being to assist with the protection of homes against Bushfires

  • Manufactured from brass with no moving parts
    (This eliminates any mechanical failure)

  • Inexpensive to manufacture

  • Non-corrosive

  • Constant and exact flow of suppressant

  • Prevent burning by constantly wetting all external areas with our specially engineered outlets. 

  • Professional nozzle installation means the water is jetted directly over and onto the windows, doors, eaves, roof and gutters with a 100% overlap.

  • High winds assist the Cribb Bushfire Fighting Nozzle Spray’s performance.

  • Insect resistant due to special outlets that insects find difficult to enter.

  • Easily remove when necessary



Emma Still & Sara Corpe

Crafers West, SA

"I am so impressed with everything that you do and feel so much more secure knowing that your system is protecting our house and most importantly Emma and myself and our animals.

You really can be very proud of the work you do and I am more than happy to recommend your services to anyone!!Thanks so much again for everything you’ve done for us."

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