I am so impressed with everything that you do and feel so much more secure knowing that your system is protecting our house and most importantly Emma and myself and our animals.
You really can be very proud of the work you do and I am more than happy to recommend your services to anyone!!
Thanks so much again for everything you’ve done for us.

Emma Still & Sara Corpe
Crafers West

E Still & S CorpeCrafers West, SA

Mr Les Hicks of Kersbrook, who put in a Cribb Bushfire Fighting System just over 12 months ago, returned to his home [after the recent bushfires] and says it was an investment he doesn’t regret.

His entire 15 acre property was burnt in the Sampson Flat Bushfires: all that remains is his home and a shed containing valuable motor vehicles.
Elvis, the aerial water bomber, helped to douse the flames in the hay shed but the system on his home and vehicle shed passed the test.

“I was very relieved,” said Les, who stayed to support his neighbour during the Saturday afternoon and into the night.
“I was pretty confident it wasn’t going to get gutted. The system kept the property safe for hours. As far as the sprinkler system goes, I can’t speak highly enough of it, it’s the best money I have spent.”
And while many are already making enquiries as to Les’ investment, he said following this experience he will put out instructions for people to use the pumps and sprinkler system if he, or partner, Wendy aren’t home.

Les HicksKersbrook, SA

Cribb Bushfire Protection Systems installed one of their Inbuilt Systems while our home was being constructed at Cudlee Creek several years ago. On the day of the Sampson flat fires we chose to evacuate even though we had a bushfire sprinkler system installed.

The CFS volunteers came to our home and activated the system, which in turn saved our house while the volunteers fought the blaze in the adjacent valley.

Jane H
Cudlee Creek

Jane HCudlee Creek

Once again you have impressed me with how well you know your work!

Win Ethinal
Upper Sturt

Win EthinalUpper Sturt, SA

Butch and Kerryn Moses, of Kersbrook, were ready for the fire – choosing to stay and defend their property with the support of the bushfire fighting system installed just before Christmas.
The couple watched the fire go over the ridges and through their 10 acre property.
With more than 20 years’ CFS experience, Butch said there was never any doubt if they would stay or go – the choice was to stay and defend.

We are more than happy with the money we spent… you can never underestimate the importance of being prepared and knowing that your place is safe.
Do everything you can to be prepared!

Butch & Kerryn Moses

Butch & Kerryn MosesKersbrook