Cribb Bushfire Nozzle Sprays

Cribb Bushfire Nozzle Sprays

Cribb Fascia Mounted Nozzle & the Cribb Inbuilt Nozzle
Bushfire Protection Systems are the best on the market – Proven and Tested!

Purpose Designed Cribb Bushfire Fighting Nozzle Sprays

  • Proven, tested and have saved lives and homes
  • Development of the Cribb Bushfire Fighting Nozzle Sprays was possibly the first in the world
  • Purpose designed and developed in South Australia by Cribb Engineering Pty. Ltd. during 1983. with the aim being to assist with the protection of homes against Bushfires
  • Manufactured from brass with no moving parts
    (This eliminates any mechanical failure)
  • Inexpensive to manufacture
  • Non-corrosive
  • Constant and exact flow of suppressant
  • Prevent burning by constantly wetting all external areas with our specially engineered outlets. 
  • Professional nozzle installation means the water is jetted directly over and onto the windows, doors, eaves, roof and gutters with a 100% overlap.
  • High winds assist the Cribb Bushfire Fighting Nozzle Spray’s performance.
  • Insect resistant due to special outlets that insects find difficult to enter.
  • Easily remove when necessary


Manuals and Maintenance

All Cribb Bushfire sprinkler systems,  pumps and accessories have manuals and maintenances schedules provided.