Annual Onsite Servicing

Annual Onsite Servicing

Annual, onsite servicing of bushfire fire systems

Cribb Engineering has a unique tagging system that records the pump and system’s history

Cribb Engineering Servicing is a complete and comprehensive service that includes:

  • Petrol Driven Pump Systems
  • Draining the fuel tank, filters and carburettor, check for any internal or fuel contamination and replenish with fresh fuel.
  • Drain all oil and replace with new

We check the:

  • air filter
  • exhaust for blockages
  • Spark plug and replace if required
  • Recoil (starting mechanism)
  • Fittings for corrosion
  • All hoses and sprinklers
  • Engine mountings
  • All linkages and lubricate
  • General condition of pump
  • Test run pump and system
  • Clean any blocked sprinklers
  • Report on defects that may cause failure.

Diesel Power Systems have a different service procedure for the pumps but also include our comprehensive service for the fire system.