Other Risks

Are You At Risk?

Unsuspected items that may help a bushfire set your Home on Fire

  • Risks such as woodpiles, hay sheds, fuel storage or gas bottles
  • Is there a potential of your home catching alight due to dry timber fascias, open eaves and gables, dirty gutters or even outside furniture, door mats and maybe the dog’s kennel?
  • Is there a risk of radiant heat affecting plate glass?
  • Do you have a house on raised posts where the radiant heat or fire can get under the home?
  • Have you got overhanging verandahs able to catch and retain the radiant heat, therefore, introducing another risk? (Verandahs act like sails and hold the hot air and radiant heat against the walls and windows)
  • Do you have dry pergolas surrounding the house?
  • Do you have plastic roof sheeting or skylights that can melt and burn, giving off toxic fumes?
  • Do you have air conditioners that can catch the sparks?

Bushfire Risk - Different Locations, Different Risks